How to tie a baby sling

The beauty lies in its simplicity...

And the one-size-fits-all wrap allows for a perfect fit every time.

Ideal from newborn to 33lbs, there are many ways to position baby. But lets start with the most important one – the Hug Hold. You can use this from the moment baby is born, and it's the safest way to carry them.

Baby Slings for all Positions

Should you eventually wish to breastfeed or keep baby in a cradle position you can use the Cradle Carry, if your baby is a little older and wants to look out a little more then you can try the Hip Carry, and should you want to carry your twins in your wrap then try the Twin Carry!

You can even use your wrap as a Breastfeeding Sling

Now you have the basics down, choose your colour or print! And remember we are only an email or call away if you need help!

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Neck support for your newborn

If you’re especially worried about how to best support your newborns head, there are a couple of ways to do so.

If baby has his head to the side, resting his cheek on your chest, then simply place the shoulder panel over the back of his head to support.

However if your baby prefers to sleep with his head facing you rather than resting either cheek on your chest, then roll a muslin into a log shape and roll it into the top of the front panel, so that it supports the back of baby’s neck (as below).

Ensure that your baby’s breathing is not compromised at any point. 

wine baby sling wrap
navy sling wrap carrier

Legs and Hips

For the first few days baby may feel more comfortable with his  legs tucked into the wrap.  You will know within days that baby is ready to keep his legs out!

 Click here for further information on Hip Health – Amawrap have been deemed a “Hip-Healthy Baby Carrier” by the International Hip Displasia Institute.

You can keep your infant in the baby wrap for as long as you need to

It is the most comfortable position for him as this is the position he was in in the womb, and remember that you will still be taking him out for nappy changes and feeding, which is ample time for him to get a good stretch in!

Click here for advice regarding Front Facing in your Baby Wrap

Weight Limits

The Amawrap Baby Sling has been thoroughly safety tested from 5lb to 33lbs, which is the average weight of a 3 year old! What this means is that should you wish to wear your baby till toddlerhood, you can be assured that it will have been safety tested to well beyond.
It also means that it is the ideal carrier from birth - the natural cotton fabric wraps around baby to provide it with the most supportive, comfortable, natural hold.

    Safety Considerations

    Keep the sling taut- too loose and the baby will not be totally supported, too tight and baby will not get enough fresh air circulating across their face. You should be able to put two fingers between the babys chin and chest.
    Baby should be high enough for you to be able to kiss her head.
    Take care when walking as babys’ head may obstruct the view of the floor directly in front of your feet.
    Do not cook or iron with baby in sling.
      The TICKS guide for babywearing

      Keep your baby safe and secure, close and comforted in the 100% Natural Cotton Amawrap