How to carry twins in a wrap

How do you carry twins in a baby wrap?

Congratulations, its twins!!!

Now chances are the being a multiple, your wee little ones will have come out a couple of weeks earlier than what we would consider to be full term.

But how on earth are you going to get them out and about? Especially since when they are first born they may be a little earlier than the average single baby, and therefore benefit even further from the skin to skin contact that babywearing brings?

Ever wondered how to carry twins in a wrap? This is an ideal way to keep both babies close, especially in the newborn stages when that skin-to-skin contact is more important than ever.

In this video Shabs, the owner of Amawrap, shows you exactly how!
Start off by tying the baby sling the same way you would if you were carrying the one baby. 
Pick up baby, and pop him against your chest. Then pop his leg into the side panel closest to you and cover his bottom and back with the wrap, so that his bottom is sitting right in the middle of that panel, and the edges of the wrap are touching the back of his knees so he is nice and secure. He should be sitting to the side of you, against one of your breasts.
Pick up baby number 2. Again place her in the middle, and guide her leg into the other panel, so she is sitting close to your other breast.
Making sure that both babies are secure, feel for the horizontal panel near your belly and move it over all 4 feet, until it is sitting under their bums. Then pull it over their backs.
If you have any questions, please do contact us!
how to carry twins in a wrap

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