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How do I wear my baby in this???


Here you can find a full list of frequently asked questions about Amawrap and our baby slings



How should a baby be dressed in the wrap?
You must consider each layer of the wrap to be another layer of clothing. So when you’re indoors you can take full advantage of skin to skin contact and have your baby only in her nappy, straight on to your bare skin if possible!
When out and about in the summer you can keep baby in just a layer of clothing, depending on the temperature. You will be able to gauge whether they need to be warmer or cooler very quickly.
When out in the winter, please do not put a snow suit on your child. Your body warmth will be keeping baby warm, as well as the wrap and their clothes. Plus you will most likely be able to wrap your maternity coat around the both of you!
It just seems so complicated
It’s honestly not.
The first time you tie the wrap and pop your baby in you will need to follow the instructions, by the second and most definitely the third time we guarantee that you will be able to do it with your eyes closed!
Will my baby fall out?
Make sure that you follow the instructions and safety guidelines, and your baby will be totally secure. The three layers of wrap will go as follows: two crossed between their legs which is their seat, and the other supporting their back.
There's literally no way they can fall out!
Will it stop their development, or make them clingy?
No. Research suggests that the more attached a child is to his caregivers, the more secure he will be in future relationships and the more confident he will be.
Aren't slings and wraps for hippies?
Yes, we have been asked this before!
Wraps and slings are for anybody who wishes to keep their baby close while getting on with life.
They are especially valuable for anybody with preterm babies as the skin-to-skin contact can actually accelerate weight gain and discharge from hospital. 
Plus they come in so many gorgeous prints and colours!
What if I fall?
What happens when you normally fall?
Never do you land straight on your face; your hands will always instinctively come out to break the fall. Wearing a sling can actually be safer than prams in many instances – while crossing busy roads and carrying the pram up and down stairs to name a couple.
All the carriers have slightly different names...

All baby carriers on this page, whether they are called wrap slings, baby wraps, baby slings, wrap carriers etc are the same product (with different colours and prints)- they simply have varying names as different people refer to them differently! But, with the slight variations of an organic cotton offering and a few prints, they are all 100% Natural Cotton, ideal from newborn, tested to 33lbs.

How do I get the positioning perfect?
I give you 24 hours and I promise your wrap will be perfect!
It just takes a couple of tries, as does anything. A suggestion would be to start tighter and higher, and after moving around for a little while the fabric will all adjust and loosen a little anyway.
If its still too tight, loosen (not untie) the knot, let a little fabric through, tighten the double knot again, then work this excess fabric through the wrap to make it a little more comfortable.
How are these for plus size parents?
They are great for plus size mammas and pappas!
We have had lots of parents (and other caregivers) who are size 20+ who were worried about using the wrap, tried it, and absolutely loved it. 
plus size baby sling
We hope these have helped, if you have any more questions, please get in touch with us on

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