The Amawrap Fabric

The Fabric Baby Sling

 Sometimes we are asked why a fabric baby sling would cost the price it does. Fair question! So please allow us to explain.

The Amawrap fabric baby sling is made exclusively for us. This ensures that the fabric has exactly the right amount of stretch both ways, and as a result is comfortable to wrap yet provide optimum support to baby. Many wraps contain elastane to provide the stretch, however ours do not. We ensure that the 100% cotton fabric was knitted in such a way to get the same effect, but naturally. The Amawrap is a one-way stretch, meaning that it has a vertical stretch so that you can pull it over babys bum, but no horizontal stretch, meaning it will not sag

The dyes used are baby friendly, therefore all chewing and sucking on the sling by baby (and it will happen!) is absolutely safe.

Our slings are 100% Cotton, luxuriously soft, and supportive. See what all the fuss is about

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Why the Amawrap Baby Sling?

Our slings are safety tested to PD CEN/TR 16512:2015 Child use and care articles – Guidelines for the safety of children’s slings.

Cost and time for cutting and stitching the fabric baby sling so that we are confident that after repeat usage it will not fray.

You get our professional help in using your Amawrap and materials to assist you, especially relevant is that the help is available even if you have another brand – we are still here!

Here at Amawrap we are proud to pledge our ongoing support to local businesses. All Amawrap slings are made here in the Midlands by a long established, family owned manufacturer, who we have worked with for several years. Their team has as much passion for our products as we do, which ensures our slings are a premium, long-lasting product, each made with love and care. Our 100% cotton carriers are made by adults operating in fair working conditions, so we can assure Amawrap customers they’re sourcing ethically made products while also minimising the carbon footprint of every baby sling purchased. These factors are at the heart of everything we do at Amawrap and while we may not be the biggest baby sling manufacturer in the business, we are proud to pledge that our focus is helping parent and baby bond, not margins. At Amawrap it’s about parents – not profits.

There are a number of new wrap brands entering the market using viscose brands imported from the Far East such as Tencel, Lyocell or Modal. While these viscose fabrics are certainly soft, our extensive research and experience will keep bringing us back to our luxurious 100% Natural Cotton wraps


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