The Amawrap Fabric - Whats so special about it?


The Fabric Baby Sling

Sometimes we are asked why a fabric baby sling would cost the price it does. Fair question! So please allow us to explain.


The fabric for the Amawrap baby sling is made exclusively for us. This ensures that the fabric has exactly the right amount of stretch both ways, and as a result is comfortable to wrap with yet provides optimum support to baby. Many wraps contain elastane to provide the stretch, however ours do not. We ensure that the 100% cotton fabric was knitted in such a way to get the same effect, but naturally. The Amawrap is a one-way stretch, meaning that it has a vertical stretch so that you can pull it over babys bum, but no horizontal stretch, meaning it will not sag.  


The dyes used are baby friendly, therefore all chewing and sucking on the sling by baby (and it will happen!) is absolutely safe.

Safety Testing

Our slings are safety tested to PD CEN/TR 16512:2015 Child use and care articles – Guidelines for the safety of children’s slings. 

Click here to read more about baby carrier safety testing

Our Expertise

You get our professional help in using your Amawrap and materials to assist you, especially relevant is that the help is available even if you have another brand – we are still here! 

Hip Healthy

Our wraps are also certified “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Displasia Institute. (Read here for more info on how the Amawrap is Hip-Healthy).

Made in the Uk

Here at Amawrap we are proud to pledge our ongoing support to local businesses. Read here for more information about where we produce our products.

Used for preterm babies

Our wraps are used in hospitals, and we also tend to send out wraps to charities once a month, based on recommendations from our customers – we would love for you to also ask your viewers for recommendations of where we could send one too!


We are a long established family owned business, with our family’s ancestry and roots embedded within babywearing cultures. You could say it’s in our blood! We used wraps for our children, and wraps were used on us when we were babies ourselves. Culturally for us, this practice has gone back generations so you can be assured that you are in safe hands. (As well as the stringent safety testing, of course!) We know, and love, babywearing.

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