How to use the Amawrap as a baby hip carrier

Use your baby sling as a baby hip carrier

Most babys are quite content to look out to the sides and rest up on mummys chest when they need a rest. However there may come a time in some babys lives where they no longer want to face you, he wants to see the world!

There are a number of reasons that we would suggest that you don’t attempt to forward carry, which we outlined on this page about front facing in baby carriers 

However if parent-facing is simply not cutting it anymore, we would suggest you try this method of hip carrying: 


Tie your wrap the way you would normally tie it.

Maneuver the "cross" where the two panels cross to the side, to wherever you want baby to sit. Pick up baby, and pop him in the wrap the way you are used to doing, but making sure he stays to the side that you have allocated. You will still need to shift him over to sit exactly where you need him to sit, so that its as comfortable as possible, as all the movement may have shifted the fabric a little.

And off you go!


Now that you know how to use the Amawrap as a baby hip carrier, head to our shop page!



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