The Amawrap Mission and Kangaroo Care

The Amawrap Mission is simple. To allow mums to be close to their babies, and explain to them about Kangaroo Care. And we do this in a number of ways:


Providing as much information about the benefits of skin-to-skin contact and kangaroo care

When you keep getting told that Skin-to-Skin contact and Kangaroo Care is good for you and baby, the best thing is to know why! We have lots of resources in the Help Area to explain why it's so great and the benefits you can achieve.


Providing accessible, high quality, 100% Cotton Slings

Our wraps have been fully safety tested to ensure that they meet the highest possible standards. More info about our fabrics. We spent years adjusting our wrap composition until we found the best way of getting the softest, most supportive wrap!


Providing as much support as possible

Browse through out step by step guides and video tutorials. If you are still unclear, please email or telephone us. If you are still unsure, we would be happy to make an appointment via Skype!


Encouraging and supporting Breastfeeding

We advise that you seek help from your local lactation consultant. If you are unsure how, please contact us. We are huge advocates of breastfeeding, and have a wealth of knowledge to help you. (We do not replace lactation consultants as we have no medical qualifications. Just think of us as your supportive family!)


Our Projects

We are in the process of speaking to a number of hospitals about the longer term benefits of babywearing. We are offering training and free slings where they are happy to receive it. Be sure to read our blog pieces, and if you are a hospital, get in touch!


Our Giveaways

Every month we give away a wrap (or a few!) to worthy organisations. If you know of an organisation who could benefit from owning a wrap which will allow mother and baby bonding, please let us know at

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