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Shabs - The Owner

Shabs’ introduction to being a mother started with an emergency caesarian, an inability to breastfeed, and postnatal depression. Her efforts to leave her London flat while carrying her baby, pushchair and bags down the stairs to the ground floor was made even more difficult due to her caesarian stitches. Looking to her own African and Indian ancestry, where her family historically used slings to carry their babies, she eventually fashioned her own baby wrap to get her out of her apartment. 

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What she didn't expect is how it changed her life

“All the time she had spent in the pram she could have been snuggled against me? It finally allowed me to feel a bond that I didn’t even realise had been lacking due to the trauma of the first few weeks. But for the first time, I felt like a mummy. How could a simple piece of cloth have helped my state of mind so much? Well I could tell you now but at that point I had no idea about oxytocin, the benefits of skin-to-skin contact, all I knew was this: When you look down and see that your baby has fallen asleep on your chest, you feel the most amazing sense of peace.” – Shabs Kwofie, 2014

Shabs, along with other mums who had backgrounds in fashion, design and textiles, started experimenting with different fabrics and styles, comparing other wraps on the market, and sourcing in their own fabrics. Local mums started buying from her. She realised that she was in the honoured position to be able to help mums who, like her, struggled initially and needed babywearing to establish that bond.


The business

The news of this wonderful new brand of slings grew, and eventually Amawrap was in a wonderful position to be able to have their own fabric created! That and having the slings manufactured within the UK meant that not only was Amawrap contributing back into our economy by finding a couple of wonderful small businesses to work with, but Shabs was able to achieve exactly the type of wrap that she found best supported a baby – exactly the right fabric, with exactly the right amount of stretch. 



And now?

Amawrap is now one of the most respected baby sling companies worldwide. We pride ourselves on being there for our parents, going as far as to offer one on one video calls if they feel hesitant in their tying abilities!

We spend our days talking about the benefits of skin-to-skin contact, and encouraging parents (especially mums) to find their independence while keeping their baby close.

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We are delighted that we are still Made in the UK, and our manufacturers have been making them for nearly ten years. They have as much passion and love for our wraps as we do!

We also provide slings and training to local hospitals in order to encourage them to use them with their premature babies, a method called “kangaroo care”, and provide wraps for charities.



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