Newborn Baby Slings

Newborn Baby Slings, Maternity Wear & Eco-Friendly Accessories

100% Luxurious Natural Cotton, you'll love the closeness gained from this Newborn Baby Sling.

The Amawrap is the ideal carrier for newborns - the soft fabric wraps around your baby to offer the most supportive and comfortable carry. And baby is exactly where he needs to be - against your chest, hearing your heartbeat and breathing, just like back in the womb, which is why babies calm right back down once you pop them in a wrap.

The nature of the wrap means that whether your baby is 5lb or 33lbs, you will get the perfect fit. This is why it's also the most gentle way to carry newborn and preterm babies, and can also be used to eventually breastfeed in!

As featured in The Independent (IndyBest) and Mumsnet.

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