Baby Sling Wrap Carriers

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All baby carriers on this page, whether they are called wrap slings, baby wraps, baby slings, wrap carriers etc are the same product (with different colours and prints)- they simply have varying names as different people refer to them differently! 

Are baby slings safe for newborns?

Stretchy wraps like the Amawrap are ideal baby carriers for newborns! The fabric wraps around your baby, supporting him in the most ergonomic, natural, comfortable position possible.
Remember that baby slings and baby wraps have been used to carry newborns for centuries - long before prams were invented. They allow babies to be close to you, feeling your heartbeat and breathing. Exactly where they need to be. The skin to skin contact offered through babywearing allows for exchanges between you and baby - hormonal, pheromonal, scental, antibodies, so your body can regulate itself to keep your babies body well. It can also regulate your newborns heartbeat and temperature. 
It can also help to soothe your baby, thus reducing the level of stress hormone in their system and therefore allowing their nervous system to develop more effectively. The younger your baby is, the more they benefit from the contact.

What age can you use a baby sling?

The Amawrap has been safety tested from 5lbs (so newborn) to 33lbs. While we are not saying that you must continue to use the carrier until baby is 3 (!), what it does mean is that at whatever age you choose to continue to babywear you can be assured that the sling is tested to well beyond.

What are Amawrap baby slings made of?

Our baby slings are made from 100% Natural Cotton. We want nothing but the best against your babys skin, and what could be more natural than the softest cotton? While some sling companies use elastane to keep the fabric stretchy, we believe that keeping the Amawrap to its most natural 100% cotton is the most breathable, supportive option- both for the authenticity of the fabric, and to avoid potential sagging that may occur with elastane. And alongside our core colours and perfect prints, we also have an organic cotton wrap in our collection too.

How do you tie your wrap?

The tying instructions are really straight forward. Head over to our How to Tie a Sling page now to see how to tie your wrap, pop baby in it, and also how to use it for breastfeeding, cradle carries, and hip carries too. It also has some great ways to support your newborns head.

How long can you carry baby in a sling?

For as long as you need to. Remember the position you carry baby in is similar to the position baby was used to in the womb so they will be more than comfortable. You will still be taking them out periodically to feed them and change their nappies, which is ample time to be able to get a good stretch in. Babies spines are naturally curved like a C shape, and keeping them in a baby sling will honour and support that natural curvature.

Can babies sleep in slings?

Yes, and they will. All the time. It's like being relaxed on a moving train. The movement is soothing, like being rocked to sleep. But with babywearing they are warm, they are close to you, and they feel rocked and comforted. Much like being back in the womb!

How are they on babys hips?

The Amawrap is certified "hip healthy" by the International Hip Displasia Institute. This means that our wraps are one of the most ergonomic, hip healthy, back supporting wraps around.
The beauty of the Amawrap is that it supports the babys legs all the way to the back of the knees, holding knees above the bottom, in an M shape. This is the most comfortable and kindest position for them.

How are they for the parents back and general comfort?

The great thing about wraps is that the straps can be spread as wide as you wish across your shoulders and back to cover more of your torso, thus ensuring that the weight of the baby is being distributed across your whole body. You hardly feel a thing, even when baby gets a little bigger.
The fact that you are holding the babys weight with your entire upper half ensures that you are not carrying them with one arm, putting strain not only with that arm but also that entire side of the body. It's not just great for mums back – studies have shown that skin-to-skin contact with your newborn can help breastfeeding success due to the release of certain hormones in your system, and even ward off postnatal depression.

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