Do something for you – How to practice Self Care

Happiness should come from within... Practice self care... Love yourself first...

...but how?

When you're so empty from sleep deprivation, and putting your kiddies first when you're so worn out, how on Earth are you supposed to feel good about yourself? How are you supposed to practice self care?

They are right though, all of them. Happiness does come from within. You SHOULD love yourself first. If you don’t make yourself a priority, how on earth are you going to have the energy to look after everybody else? If you’re not going to do it for yourself, then do it for your loved ones. But please, most importantly, do it for you. Because you are important.

So let’s promise ourselves something. Do one nice thing for yourself this month. Even if it’s to get your nails done, have a soak in the bath, a long walk by yourself, or your favourite coffee- treat yourself. Try for a treat a week, can you do that? Then see if you can push it to one a week. Then one a day. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, it just has to be something for you.

Can you do this?

What other “treats” can you think of that we can do? The simpler the better- we’re busy people here!
Here is a list of suggestions already sent in:

  • Find a meditation app. I recommend “Calm” for guided or non guided meditation – guided is great if you’re new to meditation and you find your mind wondering as it literally guides you through the meditation.

  • Uninterrupted time sat on the loo. You can even multitask and meditate on there if its the only free time you get!

  • Stick the baby in the sling and go for a walk. The fresh air and exercise will do you the world of good. And and prolonged baby cuddle will be good for both of you. If the baby has gotten rather big and you wont be able to comfortably do a long walk, then pop them in the buggy.

  • Just sit down for a few mins with a cuppa each day, even if I have to get up a few mins extra, that is my treat for myself

  • A monthly mani-pedi

  • Playdates! Let’s be honest, they’re more for the mums anyway!

  • EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique – imagine affirmation and acupressure combined. Its an amazing way of dealing with any emotional upset you may be dealing with.

  • A shower – let’s face it, when you’re just stuck in the house you may not shower every day, but when you do you feel the difference.

  • Chocolate. Always.

  • Ask. Ask. Ask. Otherwise how do people know that you are struggling? If you are lucky enough to have people around you who care about you, maybe ask if they can help out a little. Have the kids while you go for a nap. Help you to clean the house if its getting to you. Have another person on hand when you take the kids to the park so you have some companionship too. Let people who are doing better than you (at that point) be there for you, and when you are feeling better you can be that person to somebody else.

There ARE small ways that you can help yourself. You do need to take care of you. Take that responsibility. It's your responsibility. Practise self care.

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