Meghan Markle and Prince Harry use baby sling

And she did!

Meghan Markle was pictured carrying little Archie in an Ergo carrier. 

Unfortunately, this picture has received a huge amount of negative press in the media.

While the positioning may not have been textbook, we do not know the circumstances of how he ended up so lopsided in the baby carrier. It could be that he was having a feed, or it could have been that was forward facing and she had to quickly take him out to face her to avoid him having to encounter the paparazzi.

Whatever the reason, this is what we see. A mother trying to do best for her baby. A mother taking her baby and her dogs out for a walk and some fresh air. 

However to the side Archie is, he is safe. He is secure in the wrap, he can breathe, and he is close to his mumma. He is happy.

meghan markle baby sling


Baby slings are an incredible tool for both mum and baby. As you can see here, it has allowed Meghan to take both the baby and the dogs out, while keeping Archie close. This could be argued to be even more important at a time which has seen so much upheaval and stress, and this will absolutely be a way in which he can physically connect with his mother and feel that calm again.

Good luck to Harry and Meghan while they try and settle in to their new home!

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