Louise Mitchell wearing baby sling wrap in Eastenders

What a turn up! Louise Mitchell has been seen wearing a baby sling wrap!

Gone are the days of terribly low-hanging baby carriers (as sported by Mick Carter with baby Olly), it seems that Eastenders has hired the help of a babywearing consultant to show them the best way to carry newborns and the best thing to carry them with! And in this case, baby wraps win!!!

Stretchy wraps are fantastic for newborns as they provide the optimal positioning for babies - knees bought up higher than the bottom, just how baby likes it. (You may realise that when you pick the baby up his knees automatically come up- this is why.)

We have seen more and more parents realising the benefits of how wrap slings keep their babies close and protected, and how the skin to skin contact helps babies mentally and physiologically for many years to come (read the article here)

Great work Eastenders!

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