Lotan Carter with his daughter, Willow

Lotan Carter, part of the Infamous Dreamboys, has recently become a father again, and this time was determined to wear his daughter in a wrap! 

"First time out the house with this little one (that wasn’t visiting the hospital). I can’t tell you how proud I was to walk her and Steph through the streets! (FYI I’m now that weird guy that beams at every passerby with a baby)

I had a taste of what it was to carry Willow as Steph did and it’s f*#king scary 🙈 I’ve never walked so slowly. I have a greater respect for women and the protection they have over their bump. At the same time, there is no greater feeling, having your baby girls chest pressed to your own. Feeling every breath as she sleeps.

As you can tell I’m obsessed!"


lotan carter babywearing



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