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IndyBest Review of Amawrap Baby SlingsIndyBest Review of Amawrap Baby Slings Pt2
For anybody who needs voice activation to read, here it is in text form:
The story behind Amawrap - of a woman battling postnatal depression and finding that the close contact of babywearing went a long way to ease her symptoms to much that she made her own baby wraps and started a business out of it - is nothing short of inspiring.
It comes in its own bag, complete with a long strap so even when not in use its self contained and easy to carry. Its 100 per cent cotton, making it soft and light. It feels less stretchy than some of the other wraps on the market but the benefit of this is that it won't become saggy and baggy over time. Most reassuring of all, is it used in local hospitals for premature babies.
In terms of using the wrap, it does initially appear daunting as its essentially one long strip of fabric. But it does come with a comprehensive instruction manual complete with a step by step guide in colour, which we found more than sufficient, especially as there is a tonne of literature included about baby safety. The Amawrap website includes a brilliantly detailed video to help guide new parents on how to use the wrap. However if you're still in a muddle (which lets face it any new parent can be) Amawrap offers a one on one service via phone or video call to make sure you can wrap right!
We love this review! It shows exactly what we love about our company, and its always lovely when somebody else is saying it!!