Babywearing in the winter

When the snow is thick on the ground and the blizzard is hitting your face... what can be so good about babywearing in winter?

It's Warmer For Baby

Rather than being stuck in a cold pram with no other source of warmth, your baby will be snuggled on your warm chest. Full coverage heating!

It's Warmer For You

When winter comes and you don’t want to leave the house without your hot water bottle, you now have an even better alternative! Baby will keep your front nice and warm.

 Mummy Where Are You??

Baby isn’t just looking out from the pram into the dark, he can see and feel you. It also means that you can respond to his needs more quickly.

Warm Hands

You can keep your hands in your pockets rather than keeping them frozen solid on the pram handlebars.

So much easier!

No more dragging the pram through the snow! You know how hard that can be! You are able to navigate the snow much easier when you can see whats in front of you.

babywearing in the winter



I have noticed that I am starting to get a few queries as to what to dress your baby in when you’re out and about. So allow me to list a few points to be aware of when babywearing in the winter:

Body Heat

The reason that we love the AmaWrap so much is that babies are as snuggled to you as they could be. Lots and lots of skin to skin. This also means that you share your body heat. You both have your own personal (and really cute) hot water bottle to snuggle up to while out and about! So because of this…

No Snowsuits

Remember that while some carriers are worn overcoats the AmaWrap is worn under, so baby will benefit from the warmth under your coat. Snowsuits could lead to overheating very quickly if coupled with the wrap, your body heat and your coat. Not only this but if the snowsuit is on the larger side you run the risk of baby sliding inside the snowsuit. Thick fleece all-in-ones with hoods are wonderful to wear when the baby is in any type of sling or car seat.

Most ladies find that their maternity coats provide ample room for their baby inside if you want to button up (and you get a little more wear out of it!) but even if you don’t want to button it you will both be warm.

Use Layers Instead

Rather than using a snowsuit, layer your baby up. That way, if you feel like he feels a little warm, you can strip off a layer. Feel free to use a jacket for baby, but not a puffy coat. Baby’s legs and head are the only things which may not be protected by the warmth of the wrap, so do ensure that you layer the legs up with tights, fleece stockings, thick booties, etc and ensure that baby is wearing a hat.

Please do be mindful of your own layers. Ensure that they don’t ride up enough to make baby feel uncomfortable or at worse restrict their airflow, and also be mindful if you are wearing a scarf.

Be aware of your baby's breathing

Please do be mindful of your baby’s airway at all times. Remember to ensure that there is a gap between the chin and chest, and make sure that any scarves that you have on do not affect their airway.


Got any more you think we should know about? Then please do let us know!