How to keep baby cool in hot weather

Here is a list of easy way as to how to keep baby cool in hot weather!

During the day keep the curtains closed but the windows open if you’re at home. It stops the sun coming in but still allows the breeze to pass.

If you have a loft hatch keep it open to allow the heat to escape upwords. Better for the heat to be trapped in the roof than the ceiling of your bedrooms!

Keep everybody well hydrated through the day

Use only cotton bedsheets. Cotton is light and breathable.

Give them a (quick) lukewarm or slightly cooler bath before bed so they feel more comfortable while falling asleep.

Dress baby appropriately – in this heat a vest will do, or just the nappy if they are still unhappy (which we had to do at 5am this morning)

Stick big bottles of water in the freezer all day and leave them in the bedroom at night, this will cool the air in the room. You could even leave the frozen bottle in front of a fan in the room, which will push the cold air along. Just make sure that the fan is not directed straight at the baby.

Keep water near the bed (for non-breastfed babies) – they may wake up thirsty in the middle of the night and if they wake up upset and fussing that will just make them hotter, so try to give them a sip of water

If you want to check their temperature check their back of their neck, not hands or feet, as extremities will always be a little cooler to the touch.

Consider changing rooms to a cooler one if you have that option

If you have any other tips that you rely on please share!

keep baby cool during the summer